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About Albazim

f3Albazim BAZCOOL Co. is founded Bazm a company owned by the Saudis in 1990, and operating from our head office in Khurais Road . Since that time we have manpower and trained to perform the work required in this rose to the performance of the type of highly sophisticated engineering tasks that are unique to each areas of cooling, such as the design and manufacture of devices refrigeration and air conditioning, supply and installation, in addition to the comprehensive maintenance and provision of spare parts, we dealt with your business as if it were our very important. The resulting level of trust necessary for the projects our clients to achieve success in the company’s reputation bazcool deep commitment and we are committed to this confidence and experience. In the past few years, through the efforts of a comprehensive and determination, the company has turned BAZCOOL and grown, where the company won customer satisfaction.

In BAZCOOL Co. we have identified the categories that fit our customers usually. Our experience has shown that each of our clients is unique, such as concrete cooling system. BAZCOOL Co. respects our valued customers. And have built our success on a “can-do” attitude, and developed by professional high-quality individuals who represent us. Combining good manners with pre-planning and effective implementation, leads to successful projects.Everything about reducing stress for our customer. We believe that BAZCOOL Co. is a much more exciting and delighting our customers with our services as we have said the customer service program that will allow us to better understand and meet the needs of our customers and provide them with what is required on time and delivery schedule .

BAZCOOL Co. also seeks to fulfill the responsibilities and product development in the area of addressing the problems of cooling in general.
We can continue our activities in the future as are liable and cherish throughout the Kingdom. Based BAZCOOL Co. corporate activities and objectives to achieve these goals, BAZCOOL Co. Put values to serve as a guideline for action and commitment to these values is the key to our growth